1st & 2nd Year Child Development Milestones – Month-Wise

The first 24 months of baby development is the most exciting, and by far the most crucial phase, as your baby will grow and develop at an amazing pace. Achieving the milestones, across the 24 months, is an indication that your baby’s development in the first 2 year of life is on the right track.

Right from the first smile to the different physical, motor, cognitive, emotional and verbal milestones, the developments during the first 24 months are many. That’s why, as a parent, it helps to know the month-wise milestones, so you can keep a track and rule out any concerns.

Having said, when we refer to your child’s first 24 months, it excludes the pre-natal (pregnancy) period. Technically therefore, your child’s second birthday is also the day when he/she is completing the first 1000 days of life!

We have covered the critical importance of nutrition during the first 1000 days of a child’s life in this article.

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Remember: As each baby is different and grows at a different pace, you may see certain milestones mentioned even in the month before and the month after the one you are are reading. For instance, there are certain milestones babies are expected to achieve during the 7th month.

However, some babies may achieve them in the 6th, while others may achieve them during the 8th (or even the 9th!).