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A happy child is a healthy child. Healthy children build healthy nations.

The fact that healthy children build healthy nations is what inspires and drives us to contribute our bit towards building not only a better nation, but more importantly – a better world!

What inspires us even more, is the following quote by the Chinese philosopher Confucius:

If your plan is for one year, plant rice.

If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.

If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.

Parents are the first teachers of every child ever born. In those lines, our endeavour is to do our bit to educate parents, teachers and caregivers, by providing them with simple yet useful content about the many aspects and dimensions of childhood growth and development.

Children are innocent, fun loving and are an amazing bundle of energy. They know no borders, nationalities, race or colour.

While we are based out of India, the content we share here is for parents, teachers and caregivers in all corners of the world, right from the north-west of Alaska to the south-east of New Zealand.

The content you will find here pertains to childhood period right from birth to 8 years, as these are the crucial years during which the foundations for holistic growth and development are to be laid with a lot of love and care.

We are a small team and channel all our time and energy only into the website and blog. While we are not on social media for now, we believe that it is a wonderful and a powerful tool to amplify information of value, which can be reached to people who can benefit from it.

Please refer Childhood.in to your friends and family, especially first-time parents and parents of newborns.

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