The Comprehensive Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller Review

Baby Jogger has been one of the most favourite stroller manufacturers for many for a long time. This Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller review provides you with comprehensive details that helps you navigate through all aspects of the stroller system you need to know, so that you can take a well-informed decision.

The 3-wheeled daily strollers are a niche within the stroller industry.

This is mainly due to their tendency to not have a reversible seat, something which is an inherent part of their design.

If you keep this aspect aside, the 3-wheeled daily strollers indeed offer a wide number of advantages over the more popular 4-wheeled variants.

Back in the year 2019 Baby Jogger overhauled several of their older models, including the GT2.

Few Stats of the City Mini GT2

Note: Stats may change from time-to-time as part of continuous design enhancements.


The GT2 clocks right at around ten kilos, which is about a kilo more than the original GT. The reduction in weight is predominantly as a result of the redesigned frame arms.


When completely folded, the GT2’s dimensions are 25” x 79” x 53” (inches). While this is almost the same as the earlier version, there is just a marginal increase in size.

Weight Capacity

The weight carrying capacity of GT2’s seating basket has increased to its maximum capacity of 30 Kgs (66 pounds) for the entire stroller, thanks to the size of the seat which has been increased considerably.

Seat & Canopy

The seat of the GT2 seat is larger than the original GT and the canopy can be fixed to sit at a higher level as well, therefore making it more suitable for older children. In comparison to most other small-sized daily models, there is a size advantage as well.

This is simply by virtue of the fact that there are very few other smaller three-wheeled models that is worth the mention.

By nature, three-wheel strollers have much larger seats, since the seat fabric can be suspended directly from the handle arms.

This is unlike the four-wheeled models which has a separate seat frame, which is exclusively built to fit within the dimensions determined by the handle arms.

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That’s not all. Baby Jogger has also brought over and updated the leg rest from their earlier popular stroller, the Baby Jogger City Elite. With the larger seat, higher canopy, updated leg rest and a full recline, the GT2 can be comfortably used all the way – right from a new born to the end of a child’s stroller days.

Having said, when it comes to new born babies, if you are too particular about safety considerations; it is always recommend that you use a bassinet.

The Comfort of City Mini GT2

The following are the 4 comforts aspects:

i) The Folding Mechanism

As regards comfort, Baby Jogger’s famously patented easy fold system has long been a draw for all their models. In case you haven’t heard how it works, Baby Jogger’s easy fold involves just pulling a strap in the seat, which causes the entire chassis to collapse around its central axis.

As a parent, you’d almost certainly understand that that kind of fold makes a huge difference, especially when you are on the go.

The folding mechanism has changed a little with the City Mini GT2 – for better. In the original version, there was a safety feature provided to prevent accidental folding, which involved a pair of extra straps that could be buttoned to the rear frame.

In this though, a second strap has been integrated into the activation strap instead, wherein both have to be pulled, in succession, to fold down the stroller.

While there have been some reservations for this new method, by and large, this new “Easy Fold” version of Baby Jogger is a far simpler and easy to fold than a majority of similar competing models out there.

ii) Fabric

Baby Jogger has maintained almost the same quality of sturdy fabrics in GT2 that was used in its earlier version. The fabric may sometimes be susceptible to sun fading, but only in the long run.

Remember, however, that this happens only if the stroller’s got drenched in rain and is used again in the sun even before it has dried fully (in the shade).

iii) Shopping Basket

The GT2 comes with an updated shopping basket and has a slightly more rigid and square look. In the earlier model, the rear frame had arched downwards along with the curve of the basket slip.

As a result of the straightening of the rear frame’s crossbar in this version, the GT2, you need to flex just a little more to access it.

What is noteworthy is that overall, the straightening of this bar has indeed increased the structural integrity of the model and makes it more sturdy.

iv) Driving

The GT2’s off-road capabilities exceed a vast majority of the small and mid-sized strollers in the market, especially given its eight-and-half-inch wheels and the rugged build. Its capabilities has in fact been further enhanced, thanks to the added rear suspension.

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The 9 Updates in City Mini GT2

The following are the 9 updates vis-a-vis its predecessor:

1. Arms

The arms have been completely redesigned across the entire frame, which is a big deal in the overall scheme of things.

In the earlier model, it was round in shape and wasn’t sturdy enough.

Now though, they have removed it and put in a multi-sided, much thicker and heavier kind to enhance the overall build of the frame.

2. Central Joint

In the earlier model, the arm was connected into the central joint which had a large universal adapter for the canopy and the bumper bar.

With the City Mini GT2, they have replaced it with a point on the inside of the central pole itself.

This gives the GT2 a much sturdier point for attaching bassinets and car seats, and has eliminated the few structural problems that sometimes came with the earlier model.

3. Crossbar

As mentioned earlier, Baby Jogger did change the design of the crossbar with a straight one for the GT2.

This is a great positive for the stroller, as it has prevented breakage due to excess weight that sometimes happened with the earlier models.

4. Suspension

One of the best features of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is the fat suspension unit on either side, which is also a great positive. Baby Jogger has always an all-terrain stroller but did not have any kind of suspension unit at the back in its previous avatars.

Yet, it managed to do really well across different terrains, which means this one is just going to be even better. Way better!

5. Brake System

The brake system of the GT2 has always been the handle operated static-brake system, which means that when you activate the brakes at the top, the pins are going to shoot out into the wheels, therefore applying the brakes. The much earlier Baby Jogger models had a pedal brake system but most of them have had this hand brake system.

Since the system is good, it tends not to have a lot of problems. Having said, you may want to oil it on a regular basis to keep it functioning well. Just in case it does messed up (mostly because it wasn’t given attention at all), you may choose to buy a full brake kit, which makes it easier than swapping out the wire.

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6. Fork Suspension

As far as the front end is concerned, Baby Jogger has the same kind of fork suspension they’ve always had on the previous model and it works just fine.

7. Swivel Lock

Baby Jogger’s swivel locks, with its basic design, have been around for close to a decade-and-a-half (as of 2022), which is testimony that you don’t have to worry about it much. A few changes have been made in the GT2 to make it relatively simpler than the one that was on the GT1.

Since the swivel has a more moving parts than any part of the stroller, for all practical reasons, a lot of dirt and stuff can get in and kind mess it up. However, you can disassemble them relatively easily, clean it and oil it in a few minutes.

8. Fork

There’s hardly any sort of wobble problems almost across Baby Jogger’s model, including the GT series. In fact, 3-wheel models tend not to get wobble problems at all, and that’s perfectly sufficient as far as how the stroller is held together in the front end.

9. Wheels

As regards the wheels, they’ve changed the look, which may seem to look cheaper – but it actually is not. One of the reasons it kind of looks cheaper to some is that there are many cheaper strollers that have wheels that are indeed cheap and the look matches with it.

As far as the spokes, they are solid ones made of quality plastic and not the cheaper ones (though it kind of looks so). They still have the foam-filled tire, which is quite nice.

They have also changed the design of the tread on the tire by adding a raised ridge, which generally works well on strollers.

The ridges may not be quite as raised enough like you have on Bugaboo strollers, but it is still nice that the system has it.

The advantage of having the raised ridge in the GT2 is that the ridge wears down first, much before it starts wearing down the tyre. Most of all, it helps the stroller to kind of cut through the grass as it steers forward.

Though they have changed the overall look of the wheels, they are more or less the same as what you had before on the earlier versions of GT. A good one!

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If there is one underlining factor in this Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller review, it is the fact that the design changes in the GT2 has made it an even more robust daily use all-terrain stroller. What’s more? Baby Jogger is a company trusted by parents the world over – across generations, especially in America and Europe.

And lastly but most important of all, compared to the rest of the small-size daily use strollers in the market, the City Mini GT2 is still a very strong model!

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